AXIWI AT-350 duplex

communication system

  • Attention: you need one AXIWI unit per user.

  • All accessories and headsets can be used on either the AXIWI AT-320 and the AXIWI AT-350.

  • The AXIWI AT-350 and the AT-320 are not compatible.

The AXIWI AT-350 is our newest full duplex model and is working on the 863 Mhz. It has a reach up to 300 meters. It contains a display which shows the channel and it indicates the battery charge.

It can be used for similar applications as the AXIWI AT-320. But with these features it could be used for larger sites such as stadiums and retail stores. The AT-350 contains much more possibilities. Read all about it below. The AT-350 is also more durable and solid. It has the IP54 certification for dust- and water resistant (please take note this is not completely waterproof). This makes this system more suitable for outdoor use and in dusty environments.


Technical Features

  • Frequency 863 – 865 Mhz
  • Dimension 78x38x19 mm
  • Weight 70 gram (incl. battery)
  • Reach up to +/- 300 metres
  • 8 channels
  • Headset connection 3,5 mm
  • Recharge time 4 hours
  • Battery time 10 hours


  • Full duplex and hands free
  • 2 – 6 pers can communicate simultaneously
  • 250 people can listen to the conversation
  • Open line connection, just like a telephone
  • Easy setup and very user friendly
  • Any unit can be set as Master / Follower

Compared to the AXIWI AT-320

  • More noise reduction, better sound quality. 
  • It is also IP 54; anti-dust and waterproof.
  • The AXIWI AT-350 is working on the 863 Mhz frequency, so no intereference of devices working on the 2,4 Ghz.
  • It could be used for larger sites; such as sports stadiums and retail stores.

Usage applications

The AXIWI communication system for 6 persons has several usage applications. We mentioned the most common:

  • Referees (2- 6 referees or officials).
  • Sports (coaching).
  • Education.
  • Retail (stores).
  • Lunchrooms and restaurants.
  • Warehouse.
  • Media (tv-studio).
  • Structure and industrial usage apllications.

For more user applications, see the full list with usage applications of the AXIWI.

At this moment we investigate the possibilty for using a range extender, so you will have a significant larger reach for your application. If you are interested in using AXIWI with an extender, please let us know with a message by e-mail. Send it: We will keep you updated about the developments and when it is available.

User manual

Download here directly the user manual of the AXIWI AT-350.


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